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What We Do

Making money only for profit’s sake is not enough. We want to make a difference in this world and we want to create positive change for our clients. We are dedicated to the development of long-lasting, holistic client-relationships that leverage Anfeald’s expertise to meet each client’s specific needs. We provide practical and simple solutions. We empower clients. We offer comprehensive, one-stop shopping safety and health services that include:

  • Consulting (Regulatory, Technical, Management)
  • Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health
  • Medical Surveillance (OSHA Med Questionnaires and Fit Tests, Hearing Tests, Custom Ear Plugs
  • Mock OSHA Inspections, Needs Assessments, Hazard Assessments
  • OSHA Inspection and Citation Support/Representation (Fatality, Injury, and Non-Injury Cases)
  • Pandemic and Business Continuity Plans
  • Safety and Health Training and Education (Standard and Custom Classes; Face-to-Face, Webinar, Online Self-Paced)
  • Virtual Consulting and Support
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Assistance
  • Written Programs and Forms

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Our Clients

Sometimes we gain a new client that has transactional interests and limited long-term needs. While we are happy to work on one-off tasks and help clients in the short-term, we prefer longer-term engagements that allow us to help you create substantial and lasting positive change. Our clients:

  • Demand comprehensive expertise and broader capabilities from safety and health providers
  • Have higher than average expectations
  • Embrace continuous improvement
  • Care about both the goal and the process
  • Are committed to occupational safety and health excellence


Our clients include very small, small, medium, and large organizations throughout the United States and an occasional international firm. We are not industry specific – We cover a wide range including manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing, research and development, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, service industries, food, energy, alternative energy, and construction, to name a few. We also work in the public sector, supplying services to federal, state, and local government agencies. Our client work is one-off tasks, project-based, or staff augmentation, where we function in a similar fashion as an internal safety and health department.

Our Code

The destination is important, but so is the journey. We follow a powerful adaptation of the principles adopted by Rotary, with a few liberties.*

Is it the TRUTH? We provide honest advice and we don’t hold back the truth or our opinions. We want our clients to hear the truth, even when it is hard to hear and difficult to speak it.

Is it both SIMPLE and PRACTICAL?  We provide practical advice and simple solutions. We avoid complexity whenever possible.

Will it SOLVE the problem?  Our solutions are designed to address your real problems and create positive change, not maintain the status-quo. We strive to provide advice and services that fulfill specific, real needs, and that raise the bar.

Is it FAIR and BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  Does it help people work safer? Is it legally compliant? Did we truly listen to all stakeholders and did we hear what they had to say? Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Did we treat you fairly? Did we create benefits and lasting value through our efforts? Is this the “right thing?” These are all questions Anfeald associates ask as they engage in work for each client.

Does it build GOODWILL and ENHANCE relationships?  Hard work, dedication and achievement are important but so is the development of engaging client-associate interactions. It is important to us that you view us as value-added team-members and that you enjoy working with us – We deeply care about what you think of us and our work.

*  The Rotary organization asks its members to apply the “Four-Way Test.” Rotary states that the test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for use in personal and professional relationships. Anfeald uses a version of this test to help guide its associates and business relationships.

How We Started

My name is Andy Troccoli. I am Anfeald’s co-founder and a principal consultant.  Over the years, I have worked in several jobs across several different industries. During that time, I occasionally required help with specialized occupational health, safety, risk management, loss control and environmental health tasks. I spent time in many meetings with consultants, training providers and other service providers looking for folks who could help. I listened to their pitches, discussed options and purchased many of their services.

I worked with many wonderful people and I identified many outstanding organizations, but I also found that many consulting and training organizations did not get it – They kept missing the mark. They provided information and advice that often did not help me raise the bar and often was un-actionable; many of them did not listen to my needs, some over-promised and under-delivered and most were more interested in creating a transactional sale that benefited their organization more than mine over the short-term, with no real intention of working with me for any length of time beyond the current project. It was frustrating and complicated.

I realized there was a better way and I wanted to see if I could prove it. In 2007, I fired-up Anfeald as an experiment on a part-time basis – I wanted to find out if I could provide a select group of clients with the best possible advice for their unique situations, the highest quality training for their staff and honestly help solve their problems. I wanted to create an enduring organization that placed client needs at the forefront.

I created a team of like-minded professionals with a diverse skill-set. Our team applied honesty, integrity and simplicity to each client engagement. We listened to what our clients wanted, what they needed, and we delivered.  The result?

A resounding success!  Anfeald is a thriving occupational safety and health consultation and training company that is successful because of our client’s successes and our team’s values-driven approach. Every client success strengthens our organization.

That Is a Funny Name for a Company

We believe so strongly in our ideals that we designed them into the name of our firm.  The word “ānfeald” or”anfald” as it sometimes appears, has its roots in the Old English language spoken in England and Scotland for about seven hundred years, between about the mid 1400’s and 1066.  The word means single, singular, unique, and simple.

Your Next Step is Easy

If you are ready for a change, if you want to work with people that care about your success, and if you crave simplicity and honesty in your business relationships, reach out to us today and find out how consulting is supposed to work – Schedule a virtual meeting