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Bloodborne Pathogens (CPR 206)

Who Is It For

CPR 206 is for people who require bloodborne pathogens training to comply with regulations and/or have incidental occupational exposure to potentially infectious materials. Bloodborne pathogens training is required annually when employer is covered under the regulation even though CPR training refresher frequency is every two years

Class Description

Bloodborne pathogens training (CPR 206) is designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge necessary to help reduce or eliminate the occupational risk of bloodborne pathogens.  This class informs participants on how to avoid exposure to potentially infectious materials and to manage an accidental exposure if one occurs. This class is an add-on to first-aid/cpr/aed classes such as CPR 201: Basic Plus, or it is a stand-alone class.

Class Details

Regulations: 29 CFR §1910.1030 

Level: Awareness / Affected-Person 

Prerequisite(s): None 

Available Format(s) and Length

  • Face-to-Face: 1.5-hours nominal, 1.5-hours OSHA, 1.25-hours actual contact time, 0.125-CEU
  • Webinar/Group: 1.5-hours nominal, 1.5-hours OSHA, 1.25-hours actual contact time, 0.125-CEU