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Confined Space Entry (CON 301)

Who Is It For

Anfeald’s confined entry class, CON 301, is for people involved with entry into permit-required confined spaces (permit-spaces). Successful completion of this class helps participants complete safe and compliant entry operations for most industries including construction, general industry, oil/gas, but not maritime.

Class Description

This class provides entrants, attendants, and entry supervisors with knowledge and skills to safely participate in permit-required confined space entry activities. This is classroom training with practical/hands-on sessions using the client’s equipment and an out-of-service confined space isolated from all hazardous energy and safe to enter. This class touches on basic non-entry rescue concepts, however, employers are required to provide rescue training appropriate for the hazards and in compliance with OSH regulations.

Class Details

This class is suitable as both initial training and an annual refresher.

Regulations: 29 CFR 1910.146, 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA

Level: Authorized-Person / User

Prerequisite(s): None

Available Format(s) and Length

  • Face-to-Face: 8-hours nominal, 8-hours OSHA, 7.0-hours actual, 0.7-CEU
  • Blended (Webinar + Hands-On): Classroom is 4-hours nominal, 4-hours OSHA, 3.5-hours actual, 0.35-CEU and Field/Hands-On with Client’s Equipment in an Outdoor Setting is 4-hours nominal, 4-hours OSHA, 3.5-hours actual, 0.35-CEU