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Crystalline Silica for Competent Persons (COM 501)

Who Is It For

COM 501 is for employer-designated competent-persons. It provides important information on complying with the crystalline silica in construction regulation. It includes specific information on understanding the hazards, selecting, and implementing controls.

Class Description

This class provides participants with detailed information on the construction-industry crystalline-silica standard, the respiratory protection standard, hazard communication topics for crystalline silica, competent-person tasks, and associated information to help them work as employer-designated competent persons with respect to crystalline silica exposures.

Class Details

Regulations: 29 CFR 1926.59/1910.1200 and 1926.1153 

Level: Competent Persons 

Prerequisite(s): None 

Available Format(s) and Length 

  • Face-to-Face: 4-hours nominal, 4-hours OSHA, 3.5-hours actual contact time, 0.35-CEU 
  • Webinar: 4-hours nominal, 4-hours OSHA, 3.5-hours actual contact time, 0.35-CEU