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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness (COM 113 / H2S 101)

Who Is It For

Anfeald’s Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness class, COM 113 – H2S 101, is for employees who have actual or potential exposure to hydrogen sulfide and who require detailed hazard communication and awareness-level training. It follows the training curriculum in ANSI Z390.1 and helps employers meet hazard communication information-sharing and training requirements in 29 CFR 1910.1200 and 1926.59.

Class Description

This class provides participants with an overview of hydrogen sulfide hazards, exposure symptoms and signs, occupational exposure levels, safe work practices, hazard controls, emergency procedures, and related content. It is designed to meet the needs of all industries with hydrogen sulfide exposure including oil and gas, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater collections and sewer, dairies and other agricultural facilities, to name a few industries. It does not include detailed respiratory protection training, first aid, and rescue, though instructors discuss these topics with participants. The instructor adjusts content based on participants industry and exposure.

Class Details

Industry: Multiple

Level: Awareness / Affected-Person

Prerequisite(s): Hazard Communication helpful

Available Format(s) and Length

  • Face-to-Face: 4-hours nominal, 4-hours OSHA, 3.5-hours actual contact time, 0.35-CEU