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This course provides participants with focused hazard-awareness information on hydrogen sulfide and when applicable, sulfur dioxide within the wider context of OSHA hazard communication and GHS concepts and other topics consistent with ANSI Z390.1: Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training Programs. This course is for employees exposed to hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. The instructor adjusts the class for the industry and the specific exposures as indicated by the client. This class is suitable as both initial training and an annual refresher. This class includes a basic understanding of respiratory protection requirements but excludes detailed respiratory protection training – Anfeald can provide respiratory protection training based on the selected respirators in a separate class, when applicable, and upon client request. This class is not a rescue class nor is it a first-aid class though these topics are covered briefly. Nominal Hours: 4.0, Contact Hours (OSHA): 4.0, Contact Hours (Actual): 3.5, CEU: 0.35, Regs: 29 CFR 1910.1200, 1926.59, Codes: ANSI Z390.1.


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