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Custom-Fit Ear Plugs

Anfeald can provide you and your team with top of the line, custom-fit hearing protectors made from proprietary, medical-grade silicone. All ear plugs are custom-fit to each user’s unique anatomy by Anfeald’s factory-trained staff.

Download our PDF brochure for styles, pricing and related information on commonly requested plugs.


So, your company is looking for solutions that will help your hearing-protection program starting now and for years to come?  No problem.  Let our staff help you develop and implement a comprehensive hearing-conservation program that features the use of custom hearing protectors and the E.A.R. ZERO Initiative.

  • ZERO Waste – Custom-fit earplugs reduce the amount of disposable trash and throw-away earplugs from parking lots, offices, bathrooms and work space environments. Custom-fit allows for a cleaner environment and overall better appearance.  Custom-fit also reduces common complaints about site hygiene and broken appliances or machines due to obstructions of disposable hearing protectors.
  • ZERO Fit Issues – Custom-fit earplugs fit the ear like a jigsaw-puzzle piece.  There are no pressures exerted to the ear canal walls or exterior parts of the head, such as with ear muffs.  The earplugs are worn without fatigue, pain or constant readjustments because of improper fit.
  • ZERO Ongoing Expenses – Safety-equipment vendors appreciate the constant use of disposables. Purchasing of disposables is ongoing which means expenditures are ongoing!  When implementing a custom-fit solution, you reduce the continual expense of disposable earplugs because one pair of custom earplugs can be used and reused for several years.
  • ZERO OSHA Recordables – Custom-fit earplugs are worn correctly every time, not just part of the time. Every use guarantees a perfect fit and solid noise reduction.  This is especially important to eliminate a threshold shift due to prolonged or sudden noise exposure.

Custom-Fit E.A.R. plugs:

  • Are highly visible from a distance when selecting bright colors; non-compliance is obvious
  • Enjoy outstanding user acceptance because they are so comfortable and because they are available in many colors and swirls
  • Are highly durable – They are shrink-resistant, they can be boiled or frozen, they float on water, they are washable and easily sanitized
  • Provide many years of reliable service
  • Are made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
  • Offer many options from basic industrial plugs to a complete custom menu with thousands of color combinations, styles and add-ons
Cost Considerations

On average, disposable ear plugs range from $0.16 per pair to over $1.87 per pair.  While the unit-cost of foam and other disposable plugs is generally quite low, these plugs generally do not fit well and they cause user discomfort when worn for extended times.  Foam plugs are easy to wear incorrectly, drastically increasing the risk of user hearing loss and the possibility of an OSHA-recordable standard-threshold shift and increased workers’ compensation costs.

If we assume that the average employee uses three pairs of less expensive disposable earplugs ($0.16 per pair) per work shift or two-pairs of more expensive disposable ear plugs ($1.87 per pair) per work shift, the annual cost of disposable ear plugs for each employee ranges from $115.00 up to $898.00 based on 240 eight-hour shifts a year.

The basic industrial model of Insta-MoldTM custom-fit ear plugs has a retail price of $65.00.  This may seem high, however, if we assume that the average pair of our plugs lasts three years, the annual cost per employee is $21.66.  Compared to the total annual cost for disposable plugs, this represents a savings of between $93 and $876 per employee per year – a significant savings!

When you consider that the lifespan of our plugs is probably longer than three years in many cases and that these plugs fit better, look better and have outstanding user acceptance, it becomes clear that these plugs provide tremendous value. Particularly after factoring in the savings from reductions in hearing losses and associated workers’ compensation costs.

Arc-Flash Hazards and Custom-Fit Ear Plugs

An increasingly common question about our custom-fit ear plugs deals with arc-flash – Client’s often ask how custom-fit  silicone plugs perform in an arc-flash incident. 

As it turns out, amazingly well!  Silicone rubber ear plugs, including those made by Anfeald, are a best practice for arc-flash PPE keeping in mind that you should always protect all exposed skin.

Silicone rubber has excellent properties and a wide operating range when it comes to temperature.  The operating range for silicone rubber products is in the approximate range of -55 °C to +300 °C and the melting point is over 500°C!

In April 2014, completed independent testing of silicone rubber plugs and posted an online article describing their results.  Silicone rubber ear plugs tested at over 50 cal/cm2 with no melting.  “The only plug which did not ever ignite or melt was a custom ear plug made of silicone rubber.”

Of course, if you are really concerned, it is a best practice to wear arc-rated PPE over all exposed skin and in fact, NFPA 70E-2015 Table 130.7(C)(16) addresses this fact.  Arc-Flash PPE Level One requires an arc-flash hood or a wrap-around style face shield that protects “…not only the face but also the forehead, ears and neck…”  Arc-Flash PPE Level Two requires an arc-rated balaclava when using a face shield.

Hearing Conservation, Noise Dosimetry and Related Services

Anfeald provides client’s with all of the following related services:

  • Written Hearing Conservation Plans
  • Noise Mapping
  • Noise Dosimetry/Personal Monitoring
  • Hearing Conservation Training
  • Hearing Testing

When Anfeald provides hearing conservation services, additional discounts apply to custom-fit E.A.R. plugs.

Anfeald is a proud provider for E.A.R./Insta-Mold products.  E.A.R./Insta Mold products were originally developed in the mid-1970’s and are used worldwide for virtually every noise-reduction and communication application.  Anfeald staff are factory-trained and authorized to provide custom-mold plugs using E.A.R./Insta-Mold products and techniques.

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