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Hearing Tests

Anfeald now provides state of the art hearing tests to help our clients monitor for hearing loss and comply with OSHA regulations.

Anfeald provides quiet-room hearing tests that allow our technicians to complete hearing tests cost effectively and conveniently.  Our microprocessor-controlled audiometers provide consistently accurate test results.  We use a bioacoustical simulator with an integral sound level meter that continuously monitors ambient noise, pauses the hearing test if background noise meets or surpasses OSHA and ANSI limits and automatically resumes once the noise subsides.   Our instruments create a legal record of the daily calibration check and of compliance with OSHA ambient noise regulation as required by 29 CFR 1910.95 and it meets the ANSI requirements for both a Type 2 Octave Band Filters and a Type 2 Sound Level Meters so your compliance is documented and your levels are saved in our database.

Other hearing tests that do not use this technology require the use of a certified hearing booth that often times has to be trucked in to accommodate testing.  Our portable equipment allow us to test your team using only our equipment, a table, a few chairs and a quiet office or conference room.

Group or Individual Testing

Whether you need your entire company’s hearing tested or just a handful of employees, we can create competitive testing packages to meet your needs.  Anfeald can easily make onsite visits to administer tests just about anywhere.  Our mobile equipment makes testing a breeze.  By using multiple audiometers at once we can accommodate large groups easily and get your team tested and back to work quickly.

Do my employees need hearing tests?

The answer depends on the noise exposure that your employees experience.  OSHA requires an initial baseline hearing test and annual hearing tests when employees are exposed to workplace noise at or above an eight-hour time weighted average (8-Hr TWA) of 85-decibels.  Contact Anfeald today to find out more about how we can help you learn about and document the noise levels in your workplace or visit our hearing conservation guidance page.

How can I find out how much noise my employees experience?

A combination of sound-level measurements and personal noise-dosimetry are required to determine whether or not your employees need hearing tests and whether or not they must wear hearing protection when working.  It is important to obtain data for all job titles and shifts when these variables apply.

Anfeald provides OSHA-compliant sound-level measurements and personal noise-dosimetry to help our clients to determine whether or not hearing tests and hearing protection are required.  Contact Anfeald today to find out more about how we can help you learn about and document the noise levels in your workplace.

How often do my employees need a hearing test?

A baseline hearing test is initially required within six months of assignment to any job or area that may create a noise exposure that exceeds an 8-hour time weighted average of 85-decibels.  If you use portable or mobile testing, the time interval to obtain the baseline test is one year.  However, if you will not obtain the baseline within six months, the employee must wear hearing protection at all times until the baseline is complete.  Once the baseline is complete, annual hearing tests are required.

How can I schedule hearing tests for my employees?

Anfeald provides hearing tests for small and large groups at your facility or ours.  We can travel throughout the United States to provide this service.  To learn about the options and obtain a proposal, reach out to us today using our online contact form, call 970-372-1131 extension 0 or email [email protected].

Tell me about Anfeald's hearing test quality.

All Anfeald technicians are C.A.O.H.C. certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists (OHC) to ensure all results are consistently accurate and high quality.  CAOHC establishes educational standards and administers the OHC certification program.  In addition, Anfeald technicians work with physicians and audiologists to ensure that your test results are OSHA-compliant and valid.

Anfeald technicians can provide you with the results of all tests and you can work with your physician or audiologist for further review of suspected threshold shifts and related concerns or we can work with our network of physicians and audiologists for these reviews.  The choice is yours.

Hearing Conservation Services by Anfeald

Anfeald helps clients with all of the following services:

Check out our hearing conservation FAQ for more information.  Reach out to us when you are ready to talk.  We can help!

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