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OHD Quantifit Fit Tester

Respirator Fit Tests

Need respirator fit-tests for your crew?  Anfeald can help.

Anfeald provides quantitative fit-tests with the Quantifit controlled negative pressure system by Occupational Health Dynamics.  This equipment provides the most accurate fit test available today.

  • Precise, friendly and professional service using the most accurate equipment available
  • Fast – Most tests are complete within five or ten minutes
  • Mobile/On-Site service available
  • We can complete fit-tests with other services (training, custom ear plugs, etc.)
  • Directly measures leak rate eliminating biases presnet in aerosol-counting systems
  • NIST-traceable equipment calibration
  • Meets NFPA 1500-2007 fit-test requirements
  • Qualitative fit-tests for filtering facepieces (dust masks) also available

Need some help figuring things out?  Check out our guidance page on respiratory protection.

Respiratory Protection Services by Anfeald

Anfeald helps clients with all of the following services:

Check out our respiratory protection FAQ for more information.  Reach out to us when you are ready to talk.  We can help!

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