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Respiratory Protection Services

Inhalation hazards are often complex, difficult to manage without professional help, and have considerable adverse impacts on employee health. Anfeald respiratory protection services help employers manage this pervasive risk. Services include:

  • Written program development
  • Air sampling and industrial hygiene services
  • Identification and development of engineering controls
  • Respirator* and air purifying cartridge selection
  • Respirator cartridge change-out schedules
  • OSHA questionnaire reviews
  • Respirator fit tests
  • Training

*Air purifying respirators, powered air purifying respirators, air-line respirators, self-contained breathing apparatus (open circuit), rebreathers (closed-circuit)


Fit Tests

Good respirator fit is vital to protecting your team from harmful dusts, fume, mists, vapors, gases, and when applicable, COVID-19 and other pathogens. It is also the law. When are respirator fit tests needed?

  • Before personnel use a respirator for the first time
  • When you or your employee question proper fit, and
  • No less than annually

Anfeald provides new and existing clients with respirator fit tests.

  • Quantitative or Qualitative
  • Your Location or Ours
  • Free Online Records Access


OSHA Respirator Questionnaire Reviews

Respirator uses must receive employer-sponsored medical clearance before respirator fit tests and use. We can help. Anfeald offers online questionnaire reviews. No more printing hundreds of questionnaire pages, scanning and emailing, or Faxing all those paper copies, or hand-delivering them to a clinic.

Fast Results – Typically available in just a few minutes in most cases.

OSHA-Compliant – Results meet the medical-review requirements in 29 CFR 1910.134.

Medically Sound – A team of healthcare providers developed the system, and they are available to speak with your employees.

Bilingual – English or Spanish.

Online or On-Paper – The choice is yours though online is always faster, easier, and it costs less money.

Free Online Access to Records – Questionnaire and fit-tests results are available online, 24/7/365, as long as you are an Anfeald client.

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Information You Need 

Important considerations related to fit tests. Take a moment to review them


Information You Need to Know

Please take note of these important considerations and make sure to communicate key facts to your employees before the day of the fit tests.

Anfeald Does Not Sell Respirators – You must have respirators available for your employees the day of the fit-test. You need at least two manufacturers with all available sizes since respirator fit varies between employees and manufacturers. The most common size is medium. If you need a suggestion on the make and model, we can help.

Surrogate Masks – Anfeald does have a limited number of half-face surrogate masks from popular manufacturers. Anfeald can fit test your employees using these surrogate masks. To find out what brands and models are available, please inquire before scheduling.

Surrogate Masks, COVID-19, and Vaccinations – Sanitizing respirators is effective when done correctly, however, in the interests of public health, Anfeald has suspended the use of surrogate masks with unvaccinated employees as a precaution.

Fit testing with surrogate masks requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The employee must present proof of vaccination that shows all required doses together with a valid, government issued picture ID.

Medical Clearance Required – Anfeald will not fit test employees that are not medically cleared. This is a legal requirement, and it protects your employees in the event they have an underlying medical condition that negatively impacts as the result of respirator use. If employees are not medically cleared, Anfeald will offer an online medical questionnaire at the time of the fit test.

No Facial Hair – Technicians will not fit test any individual with facial hair between the face and the sealing surface. This is a legal compliant and a health concern. All employees must be clean-shaven – Small mustaches and soul patches are acceptable, but beards and goatees are not. Technicians will not make exceptions.

Retests and Fees – Negative fit tests always generate a fit test fee, in addition to those that pass. For quantitative fit tests, Anfeald conducts up to three test attempts. If the individual does not successfully pass after three attempts, the respirator does not fit and Anfeald will stop fit-testing the individual on that make, model, and size of respirator. For qualitative tests, a charge in incurred for each individual fit test attempt.

Facial Deformity – People with recent dental or facial injury, surgery, or other medical treatment should not subject themselves to fit tests since facial swelling will change the fit and will often result in fit-test failure. In addition, wearing a respirator after surgery without completing the healing process can cause other problems.

Location – We are located in Northern Colorado. We travel to Northern Colorado Front Range locations, including Denver, relatively quickly. Travel to other parts of Colorado is possible and we do it all the time, though travel fees will apply. If you are located outside of Colorado, make sure you tell us. Fit test related travel is often cost effective for large groups, depending on your location and needs. This is especially true if you bundle air-sampling, training, and other related needs into site visits.

 Information We Need 

We need some information so everything goes well on the fit test day


Information We Need to Know

We need some information to successfully complete fit tests for your team. When you schedule, tell us about the following.

Information About Your Respirators – Anfeald can fit most respirators quantitatively. However, to be safe, always tell us the respirator manufacturers and models you use so we can verify that we have the correct respirator fit-test adapters. If you are not sure about the manufacturer or model, reach out, we can help.

Headcount and Number of Tests – Tell us the number of employees that need fit tests, and how many fit tests per employee. For example, if you have ten employees, and each employee wears a full-face APR and a half-face APR, each employee requires two fit tests for a grand total of 20 tests.

Your Administrator – Provide us with the name, email, and phone number of the person who is your respiratory protection program administrator. Anfeald provides free access to its online database where all fit test and OSHA questionnaire records are stored, and administrators have 24/7/365 access to this database as long as you are an Anfeald client.

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