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OSHA Inspection and Citation Support

Get OSHA Ready!

When OSHA knocks, are you proud to show off your safety and health program, or concerned about what they will find and how much it will cost in penalties?

Anfeald can help before, during, and after an inspection.

Before an Inspection

    • Compliance and Needs Assessments
    • Hazard Assessments and Mock OSHA Visits
    • Incident Investigations
    • Safety and Health Program Development
    • Frontline Leader and Employee Training: What to do during an OSHA visit?


    During an Inspection

    • Assist and Support During Inspections
    • Interface with OSHA Compliance Officers
    • Preparation for and Advice during Management Interviews
    • Employee Rights and Responsibilities Briefings


    After an Inspection

    • Citation Reviews and Compliance Assistance
    • Abatement Plan Development and Implementation Guidance
    • Development of Programs and Procedures, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Training, Medical Surveillance, Related Services
    • Informal Conference Representation

Let Anfeald Help Your Organization Get OSHA Ready

An OSHA-ready program proactively addresses hazards and risks, contains best-practice elements, and it tackles technical and compliance issues decisively so your employees are safe and your operation is compliant. Find out how Anfeald can help you get OSHA-ready.

Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help.