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Staff Augmentation and Outsourced Safety Solutions

Comprehensive, Custom, Cost Effective

What is Outsourced Safety and Why I May Want It

You do not make safety and health, you make [fill in the blank with your product, or service]. That is not to say workplace safety and health is unimportant – Quite the opposite – It is critical. However, it is time consuming, it is full of complex technical details, regulatory requirements, it requires leadership, it requires hard work, and it requires know how. That is where Anfeald steps in. We do make safety and we believe that your employees are your most important asset, we care about making a difference, we want to help you create a safer and healthier workplace, and we want to help protect your employees. These things are important to us and they drive us forward relentlessly. If your safety and health system and programs are not successful, we are not successful. It is that simple.

When we provide comprehensive services, we function in a similar fashion as an internal safety and health department. We plan, we educate, and we execute. From written programs and forms, to employee safety training, to industrial hygiene, respirator fit tests, hearing tests, and beyond. We free up your time and allow you to focus on the important decisions and tasks, without getting bogged down in details.

A few reasons you may need outsourced safety and health help.


Young Company

Your organization is new and many of your team members are green. They are passionate, and they care, but they lack the specific knowledge and skill to establish and maintain an effective occupational safety and health program.  They do not know where to start nor what to do and even if they did, you have no budget.

OSHA Inspection

 It is always easier, less costly, and better for staff, if you create a comprehensive occupational safety and health system and programs so when OSHA shows up, you are OSHA-ready, and unafraid. 

There are very few checks harder to write than paying for a large OSHA penalty as the result of a fatality, serious injury, or even a non-injury OSHA citation. 

Here at Anfeald, about one-third of our clients come to us because of an OSHA inspection or related issue. They end up spending money and fees defending themselves and then still pay at least part of their penalty. That money would have gone further and done more for your company and employees if spent on your program. 

Were not even talking about the heartache and pain accompanied by a fatality or a series injury. Pay now or pay later and paying later is always more expensive, in many ways.

Caught by Surprise

You care greatly about employee safety and health, but the growth curve has gotten steep and the risks are piling on without the neccessary hazard controls. You are non-compliant and it is getting worse by the day. Success has its issues! 

Safety Experience

You have created a collateral duty safety and health position and promoted someone from the ranks, or assigned the role to an existing management position. You start to flounder and it dawns on you – The person staffing this function is working hard but has minimal or no technical and regulatory knowledge, and minimal or no experience in safety and health.

While it is possible to learn about safety and health regulations, programs, and their technical aspects, it takes time – as in years. Consequently, it is virtually impossible for someone who has little or no knowledge to develop that knowledge, develop the accompanying practical skills, and then implement a new, appropriate, effective, safety and health program, or expand an existing one, in any amount of time that is considered reasonable, AND, do all this while fulfilling their primary responsibility.

Would you promote someone from the ranks, or assign someone from production with the job of accounting when they have no experience? Of course not – Accounting requires substantial training and expertise!

Why then do organizations assign occupational safety and health management to someone that is untrained and has no formal education in that domain?

Why entrust your employees safety, health, and in some cases their very lives, to someone who knows nothing about occupational safety, occupational health, safety training, and the complex tasks and skills neccessary to do this work?


Anfeald’s outsourced safety solution has many benefits, not the least of which is reducing unanticipated and usually unfunded losses. Safety and health programs are an investment in your employees and an investment in your organization’s long-term resiliance.


Anfeald's Expertise

When you employ a single safety and health professional, you are limited by that person’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and available time.  In most situations, additional safety and health professionals are still required, especially for niche areas.

When you outsource with Anfeald, you leverage the combined expertise of Anfeald’s entire staff and all of Anfeald’s services to create a force multiplier for about the same annual fee as one highly qualified occupational safety and health professional. 

With Anfeald on your team you no longer have to worry about knowledge gaps and unrecognized risks.

Better Prioritization

When you don’t know what you don’t know, it is impossible to prioritize, and it is impossible to move forward.

At Anfeald, we understand safety and health, and we understand risk. We don’t have a crystal ball and we can’t see the future, but there are several safety and health issues that should rise to the top of your list, either because they tend to create workplace injuries and illnesses, or because they generate OSHA violations and often, inspections.

We help you understand these risks, and we organize and complete the relevant tasks so that you can get the most out of every risk-reducing dollar spent.

Flexibility, Scalability

You can adjust the amount of time Anfeald’s associates spend on activities. If business needs increase, Anfeald can increase time and resources ensuring appropriate management. If you need us to broaden the scope of services we offer, no problem – we can handle it. 

Save Money

The first-cost savings are substantial. Discounted training fees, discounted hourly rates, and value-added services all add up to a noticeable reduction in first cost compared to the same amount of work completed on a time and materials or one-off project basis.

In addition, since Anfeald is a one-stop safety and health service provider for 95% of our clients, we bundle many services and increase your savings.

Leveraging Anfeald’s expertise means you spend less on salaries and benefits. We provide comprehensive services for about the same annual cost as one highly qualified professional. 

This arrangement is a force multiplier since most in-house safety and health staff do not have the bandwidth, and expertise to complete the equivalent services that Anfeald offers.

Safety Leadership

Many organizations find themselves lacking experienced safety and health leadership to manage day-to-day safety and health matters, nevermind leading in the event of a serious injury, a fatality, or an OSHA inspection.

When clients choose Anfeald, they leverage our leadership, our technical know-how, and our practical skills to plan and implement your safety program from the top down and the bottom up, creating a level of continuity that is difficult to acheieve in the absence of mature and capable safety leadership.

Decrease Headcount

A lean operation is the byword these days.  Keeping headcount low saves money, it avoids layoffs, and it allows your organization to focus on fulfilling its mission.  Anfeald’s outsourced safety and health solutions provide you with the tools, skills, and execution you need, but not the employee-headcount.

Your Next Step is Easy

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