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Safety Programs

Staff Augmentation and Outsourced Safety

Anfeald provides scaleable, customized staff augmentation and outsourced solutions for a specific project or your entire organization.  Whether you have an existing safety or OHS/EHS program that needs improvement or if you need to develop and implement a new program, we’ve got you covered.  We can augment existing collateral-duty and dedicated staff or we can serve as your in-house OHS/EHS department. See how Anfeald will broaden your expertise and take you EHS program to the next level:

Leverage Anfeald's Broad Expertise

When you employ a single safety and health professional, you are limited by that person’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and available time.  In most situations, additional safety and health professionals are still required, especially for niche areas.   When you outsource with Anfeald, you leverage the combined expertise of Anfeald’s entire staff and all of Anfeald’s services to create a massive force multiplier.

Gain Flexibility and Scalability

You can adjust the amount of time Anfeald’s associates spend on activities.  If business needs increase, Anfeald can increase time and resources ensuring appropriate management and when things slow down at the holidays, Anfeald can decrease time and resources.  If you need us to broaden the scope of services we offer, no problem – we can handle it.  We work on what you want, when you want.

Customized for Your Needs

Maybe you have a gap on the safety side but your environmental-health staff is solid?  Do you need to implement a large initiative across multiple sites?  Do you have a great safety professional and only need help with training?  Do you need help with everything OHS/EHS related?  We can work the programs you desire – Safety and health, environmental health, physical security, workers’ compensation, consulting, training and OSHA-based medical surveillance – We do it all and the choice is yours.

Decrease Employee Headcount

A lean operation is the byword these days.  Keeping headcount low saves money, it avoids layoffs, and it allows your organization to focus on fulfilling its mission.  Outsourced and staff augmentation solutions from Anfeald provide you with the tools, skills and execution you need but not the employee-headcount.

Reap the cost savings of outsourced consulting, increase organizational compliance and decrease unanticipated losses.  Contact Anfeald today to find out about staff augmentation and outsourced consulting solutions for your business.

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