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PIT 301: Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety – Evaluations

Who Is It For

Anfeald’s Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety – Evaluations, PIT 301, is for personnel who operate forklifts and similar powered industrial trucks and require either initial certification or recertification.  This is hands-on practical training and evaluation.

Class Description

Forklift training and certification involves three steps: (1) Classroom training, (2) Practice under the supervision of a trained operator, and (3) Operator evaluation. PIT 301 covers steps 2 and 3 – It is operator practice and evaluation using client’s own equipment, in client’s facility. The class involves a discussion of common tasks that the participants must master followed by practice and evaluation time. The instructor will observe during practice and evaluation time and participants must successfully demonstrate their abilities. Evaluations typically include general operations along with the completion of other tasks common to PIT operations. PIT 201 or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Class Details

Industry: Construction, General Industry

Level: Authorized-Person/User

Prerequisite for Initial Certification: PIT 201 or equivalent, with evidence

Prerequisite for Recertification: Proof of past certification within the last 3-years

Available Format(s) and Length

  • Face-to-Face: Varies based on headcount and participant skill