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PIT 501: Powered Industrial Truck Instructor Development

Who Is It For

Anfeald’s Powered Industrial Truck Instructor Development class, PIT 501, is for personnel who are certified PIT operators who require initial instructor development, or certified instructors, who need recertification.

Class Description

This class provides participants with knowledge and practice instructing others in safe PIT operations. This class involves classroom and practical training. This class provides additional training so that designated individuals within an organization with at least one-year of recent PIT-operator experience can provide in-house PIT classroom training, practical training, perform operator observations, and certify other in-house operators. Participants will learn about the applicable regulation, methods of instruction, and related topics. Participants must demonstrate the ability to facilitate training by completing teachbacks to the instructor and each other, complete evaluations of each other, and complete a written test.

Class Details

Industry: Construction, General Industry

Level: Instructor Development

Prerequisite for Initial Certification: Prior PIT certification with at least 1-year of PIT operations without safety issues and evidence of prior certification; if no prior certification, PIT 201 and PIT 301 are prerequisites

Prerequisite for Recertification: Proof of past operator or instructor development certification within the last 3- years

Available Format(s) and Length

  • Face-to-Face: 8-hours nominal, 8-hours OSHA, 7-hours actual contact time, 0.7-CEU