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Safety Training

Anfeald Associates are Obsessed with Training Quality

We care deeply about helping participants understand and apply safe work practices and positively change behaviors. Transferring knowledge and practical skills from the classroom to the real-world is our core goal and we take it seriously.

Anfeald Training and Education Sessions

  • Span a comprehensive range of safety and health subjects and specialty classes for one-stop shopping
  • Include standard numbered classes and custom training designed to meet specific needs
  • Have multiple delivery methods: Real and in-person, webinar for remote groups, self-paced (coming soon)
  • Cover awareness/affected person, authorized person/user, competent person, and instructor development/train-the-trainer

Your Next Step is Easy

Search Available Classes

Our comprehensive range of numbered classes meet most client’s educational and regulatory needs.

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Can’t Find the Right Class?

No problem. We can help. We offer custom classes to meet specific needs. Let’s talk – Book some time today.

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Not Sure What You Need?

Needs assessments identify neccessary training so your employees can work safe and meet regulations.

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